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Auction Rules



Scandinavian Collectors Club Library Auction #64

(Closing Date April 30, 2022)


This is the 64th auction of items being offered to SCC members.  These 80 lots are excess to current SCC Library holdings.  Sales realizations will be used for SCC Library operations expenses and to purchase future literature acquisitions.  Place bids with Roger Cichorz, 3925 Longwood Ave., Boulder, CO 80305-7233, USA; telephone (303) 494-8361, or email  This auction closes April 30, 2022.


Terms of the Sale

1. The minimum bid accepted for a lot is the starting bid.  Wherever possible, the auctioneer’s estimated market value (EMV) or actual current market value from dealers’ pricelists or other sources (CMV) is included in the lot description as a guideline for bidders.

2. The highest (successful) bid will be placed at one bidding increment over the second-place bid.  Bidding increments are:  $0.50 to $5 = $0.50, $5 to $25 = $1, $25 to $50 = $2, $50 to $100 = $3, and >$100 = $5.  All nonconforming bids will be rounded down to the proper bid increment.  Bids are in U.S. currency.  In instances of tied high bids, the lot sells to the earliest bidder.  The winning bid will be one bidding increment over the second-place bid regardless of the amount bid.

3. E-mail bids ( are preferred, but telephone (303-494-8361) or mail bids (3925 Longwood Ave., Boulder, CO 80305-7233) are acceptable.  Mail bids need to arrive at the auctioneer’s Boulder home address on or before the date of the auction’s closing and the auctioneer is not responsible for late mail delivery.  Bid sheets should include your SCC membership number to confirm eligibility to participate and your name and mailing address.  E-mail bids will be confirmed by e-mail reply.  Telephone bids will be notated and confirmed by the auctioneer at the time they are placed.  Mail bids will not be confirmed unless bidder includes a telephone number or e-mail address.  By placing a bid, you acknowledge that you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of the sale.

4. Successful bidders will be informed of their winning bids shortly after the close of the auction.  Invoices will be included with the dispatched auction lots.  Postage (and insurance, if applicable) will be added to the price of the successful bid(s).  Payment can be made in U.S. funds by check (to the “SCC Library”), USPS postal money order, bank draft, or in currency (at sender’s risk, auctioneer suggests certified or insured mail).  Sorry, credit-card payments are not accepted, although payments via PayPal can be arranged (inquire with the auctioneer).

5. Lots may be returned for a refund if grossly misdescribed.  Lots consisting of multiple non-book items are only approximately described, so slight inaccuracies in the item counts and description of the lots are not cause for return.  Books, catalogues, and periodicals are generally used library copies in serviceable condition, unless otherwise noted in the lot descriptions.

6. Prices realized for lots are distributed to bidders via e-mail soon after the auction closing and published on the SCC Website.  If applicable, unsold lots are noted at the end of the prices realized list and are available at their respective starting bids on a first-come, first-served basis.


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