Scandinavian Collectors Club

Scandinavian Stamp Mart


NOTE: The Stamp Marts are no longer functioning.


Information on Canadian Circuit System (alternative STAMP MART program for Canadian members)

Send inquiries to:

Viggo Warmboe, Mart Manager
2740 Foxgate Dr.
Minnetonka, MN 55305

The Mart provides a selection of Mart books of Scandinavian stamps to SCC Chapters and directly to members. Members residing in the United States may receive selections through the Stamp Mart circuits. A circuit consists of 10-18 Mart books with a total sales value of around $3000 circulating to a series of five to nine SCC members with similar collecting interests. Circuit categories are listed below along with the frequency a member on that circuit might expect to receive shipments. One should be aware that if they request books from more than one category, they would likely see some books twice. Frequency of shipments is limited by the availability of Mart books. We encourage all members who might wish to participate in the Circuits to write the Mart Manager.

Scandinavian mint: Includes all books in the Mart where half or more of the stamps are unused of all eras. It has both MNH and hinged. This circuit also includes booklets. 2 shipments a year.

Scandinavian used: Includes all books in the Mart where half or more of the stamps are used of all eras. 2 shipments a year.

We also have country circuits. The country circuits include everything listed above plus specialized materials, revenues, seals, cancels, etc.

Country circuits available are:

  • Denmark and DWI: 1-2 shipments a year.
  • Finland and Aland: 1-2 shipments a year.
  • Greenland and Faroes: 1 shipment a year.
  • Iceland: 1 shipment a year.
  • Norway: 1-2 shipments a year.
  • Sweden: 1-2 shipments a year.