Scandinavian Collectors Club



NOTE: The Stamp Marts are no longer functioning.


(A Service of the Scandinavian Collectors Club)


(Revised 20 May 2005)


1. The Scandinavian Stamp Mart (SSM) is a service for buying and selling Scandinavian philatelic Material only, and is operated exclusively for members of the Scandinavian Collectors Club (SCC) or members of SCC local Chapters.

2. SSM is covered under the Collectibles Insurance Agency insurance plan for all philatelic material in its custody, and under the same plan for all philatelic material while in "transit, and in return transit" to/from members (the latter on a cost payment basis). SSM will serve as agent for the SCC in case of any loss sustained while in "approved transit" of a member.

3. All material sold through SSM must be mounted in special sales books (hereinafter referred to as Mart Books) which are available from the Mart Manager. Currently there are two types available:

TYPE F: 16 page, 192 spaces, blue cover book designed for stamps with a minimum NET SALES VALUE OF $35.00. This is the "standard" Mart Book. Cost is 75 cents each postpaid; with a minimum purchase of four (4) copies.

TYPE H: 16 page, 16 pocket, green cover book designed for stamps with a NET SALES VALUE of at least $35.00. This is "pocket" Mart book. Cost is 75 cents each postpaid with a minimum purchase of four (4) copies. Type H books may be combined with type F books for minimum purchase requirements.

4. Mart Books are accepted and retired at the discretion of the Mart Manager, who shall not be responsible for classification or pricing of stamps therein.

5. All sales are final.

6. Full payment must be sent directly to the Mart Manager or must accompany returned Mart Books. Foreign (including Canadian) checks and money orders will not be accepted unless drawn on a United States Bank and payable in United States dollars.

7. SCC Chapters desiring selections of Mart Books must appoint an SCC member as Chapter Mart Representative who will exclusively handle the Chapter's business with SSM.

8. The Chapter Mart Representative is charged with the receipt, handling, and return of Mart Books. They will retain 5% of the net sales amount in excess of $60.00 to help defray the cost of insurance fee, return postage and Certified Mail Fee on the shipment. It is suggested that Chapters underwrite any additional expenses in the few cases involving exceptionally large shipments.


1. Sellers will have a 20% service charge for all books deducted when Mart Books are retired. There is no charge for items not sold, but all books will be subject to a minimum service charge of $3.00 (If sales are more than $15.00 from books, then the service charge will revert to the straight percentage). The Service Charge reflects sales commission and other expenses essential to the operation of the SSM.

2. Stamps should be mounted with NEW hinges in catalog sequence, one stamp to a space. No overlapping or mounting beyond space or page area will be permitted, i.e. two or more spaces should be used for pairs, blocks, covers, etc. If possible, a Mart Book should contain material from one country

3. Use only BLACK or BLUE ink to enter catalog numbers, catalog prices and Net Sales Prices. Pencil or colored inks are not acceptable (GREEN ink is reserved for the exclusive use of the Mart Manager). Sellers may indicate in the space provided on the inside front cover of the Mart book which catalog is used for classification.

4. Sellers are advised that buyers are familiar with "FACIT" and "Scott" catalogs, and experience indicates that stamps sell well when priced at a reasonable percentage of catalog value.

5. Sellers should total each page and furnish the Mart Manager with a total value of each book in a separate note.

6. Philatelic covers are desired. Due to weight, fillers or stiffeners and heavy vinyl type protectors must be removed. Covers should not extend beyond the edge of a page, and should be mounted securely. Double sided tape must not be used.

7. New Mart Books must contain a minimum Net (selling) value of $35.00. It is recommended sales books contain a net value between $75.00 and $500.00 to maximize sales.

8. Damaged stamps (tears, repairs, rounded corners, thins, etc.) are not usually wanted unless they are desirable varieties or cancels and are offered at very substantial discounts from catalog prices.

9. Retirement of MART Books will be at the discretion of the Mart Manager. However, books are ordinarily retired at 18 to 21 months. Retired books will be returned to owners with a full and final accounting. Sellers who wish their book(s) retired earlier should give the Mart Manager reasonable notice.


1. Individual members may upon request and within availability of requested material, receive shipments of Mart Books through a Mart book circuit. A Mart book circuit consists of five to ten members with similar material requests.

2. An individual buyer shall, within 10 days, send a full accounting of purchases on the prescribed sales report forms along with payment in full to the Mart Manager. He shall also, within 10 days, forward the Mart books via Certified Priority Mail to the next member on the circuit. To avoid incorrect charges, the buyer shall mark his name or initials or SCC number in the upper left portion of each space from which a stamp is removed. For sales through Chapter Mart Representatives, the Chapter Mart Representative shall check chapter sales and mark the upper right portion of the space from which a stamp was removed with Chapter rubber stamp. The lower half of each space is reserved for the audit stamp of the Mart Manager.

3. Please respect and handle the Mart books with care - as if they were your property, because you are responsible for all stamps removed, whether the spaces from which they were removed are numbered, initialed, named or blank.

4. Please report discrepancies to the Mart Manager immediately upon receipt of books. Include a copy of your note within the circuit box for following members of the circuit.