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Name SCC# Interests Email / URL
Albach, Walters 3068 Scandinavia
Albright, Paul 3598
Anderson, James 1233 Greenland Pakke Porto
Andersson, Yerker 2785 Sweden, deafness-related issues on stamps and stamps cancelled in Vallentuna
Andrews, C. Norman 1846
Aro, Kauko 1338
Banke, Frank 0 all Nordic countries
Barthold, Walter 3689 Norway
Bennett, Dave 3226 Iceland, Greenland and Faroes, First Day Covers
Birdsall, Jerry 1326 Dealer
Brent, Don 3269 Denmark"s Surface Printed Wavy-line stamps and stationery; early 20th century Danish Postal History. Danish local stamps and stationery, forgeries and philatelic literature.
Brent, Donald 3269
Brink, Eugene S. 3830
Bristow, A. Mercer 2272 Finland
Burgman, Henk P. 0 Denmark Chr. IX Fred. VIII and Chr. X. Iceland Two Kings Gullfoss and Hekla. Whole of Scandinavia in general, used and/or on cover.
Cantwell, Robert 3705 Dealer. Scandinavia and all related areas. Stamps, covers and picture postcards (
Carlson, Gary 3405 Used Scandinavia, machine cancels, Sweden Oscar issues
Christensen, John 1372 Scandinavia mint singles
Cichorz, Roger 3345
Clark, James 3808 Norway
Collin, Ronald 1132 Iceland and Iceland Postal History, 16th and 17th century maps of Iceland.
Corets, Myron L. 4146 D.W.I.
Dahle, Chris 3002 All Scandinavia; exhibiting Sweden. Serve as associate editor for Botany stamps for the journal Biophilately.
Davis, Larry 1835 All aspects of Iceland, and Scandinavia in general.
Day, John 0 Iceland cancels & varieties, Denmark, Greenland
DeBus, Robert 1006 Greenland
DuBois, John L. 3578 Danish West Indies.
Eggleston, Jerry 2894 Scandinavia used singles
Engelbrecht, Lars 4048 Denmark Postal Stationery 1871-1905
Fiolet, Henk 4159 Finland postal history to 1917, mourning stamp, Xmas seals
Fontaine, Roger 3278
Frantz, Gregory 3049
Fraser, Ed 954 Finland, undercover mail
Germann, John J. 3573 Scandinavian mint postal stationery
Glatt, Ellis 1808 Iceland I GILDI & classic Scandinavia
Goins, Dave 4169 Dealer Sweden and Denmark
Grimson, Jerry 0 Iceland and Scandinavian topical.
Grosjean, Warren 0
Gudmestad, Ove. T. 2238 Classic Norway
Gustafson, Ivar 2635 Town cancels on Sweden 10 ore Oscar 1886-1891
Haagensen, Soren 0 Denmark, Greenland, Faroes
Hall, Ronald 3662 Scandinavia & worldwide used
Hamberg, Erik 3187 Sweden Ringtype 1877-1891
Hanson, John D. 3943 Norway, Lofoten cancels
Healy, Robert 0
Heck, Bjarne 0 Denmark and Scandinavian covers, postcards & postal history
Helm, R.A 0 Numeral cancels of Iceland, with over 1000 of the 300 numerals on KC9 issues, singles, multiples and covers.
Henry, John J. 753
Hoffmann, Walter 3416 Norway locals
Holmes, Eric T. 0 Sweden and early Swedish cancellations
Impagliazzo, Dr. John 0
Jardine, Neal 0
Jessen, Gunnar P. 1597 Denmark censored WWII mail, plating of 2RBS 1901 reprint, and used Denmark Stamps. gunnar(at)
Johnson, Kathy 0
Juceam, Robert E. 0 Stamp dealer envelopes,OZ cards,meter mail pre-1930,feather letters,pigeon post, stamp exposition material
Julian, Richard A. 2321 Iceland, Greenland
Kaplan, Stephen P. 3723 Finland meters & postal cards
Kasper, Jerry. 1660 Aerogrammes of Scandinavia and the world.
Kauppi, Don. 2390 Finland cancels on stamps and covers, on Swedish stamps, and Russian stamps used in Finland.
Kewriga, Matthew 0
Kilbane, Jim 0
Kolodgie, Dave 4131 Early Sweden, ringtypes, booklets
Kuhhorn, George 1247 Sweden Ringtypes
Laakso, Seija-Riitta 0
Loe, David 2429 Iceland
Lorentzen, Mark 0
Loshamn, Gunnar M. 2030 DWI Postal History 1754-1877; Post routes Lyngdal-Farsund and p.o. on combined routes,Agnefest,Skredli,Kvaas,Veggja,Kvelland,Austad,Korshavn,Seli before 1888 and after 1888 ships on these routes; also 3 rings #233, 4 rings #80,166,482, Crown/posthorn - M/B Faroy, M/B Lyngdal.
Lund, Steve 0
Luttio, Michael 2261 Scandinavia, Polar Bears, BWI
Martin, Jeffrey 2658 Iceland
Mason, Robert 0 World wide revenue & parcel stamps
Messerschmidt, Peter 3218
Mildenhall, Ed 2619 Danish bi-colors
Moore, Jerry D. 2227 Sweden, especially Swedish perfins and perfins of Swedish branch offices in other countries.
Morison, Gordon 3243
Morrison, James 3763 Denmark, Danish locals
Mortensen, Kai 3116 Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, and UN related issues
Nadler, Stephen 3311 Faroes, perfins, Danish star cancels, Finland village postmarks
Nørby, Toke 3617 Denmark
Nelson, Paul 1389
Nielsen, Dana 0
Nilsson, Leif 3057
Noer, Geoffrey 0
Nordhavn, Ole 1653
O'Dell, Keith 3691 Used Norway
Odden, Conrad 3102 Scandinavia
Olsen, Richard 4226
Olson, David 3565 Number 1's of the world
Olson, Ross 2339 Scandinavia, specialized Sweden
Olson, Thomos 1601 Sweden; Karlstad Postmarks
Pagé, André 3013
Palen, Roberta 0
Parker, Gary 2939 Finland first day covers
Peter, Mike 0
Petersen, David 4340
Petersen, Raymond E. Jr. 0 Dealer in worldwide revenues and cinderellas. Operating as "Connecticut Cinderellas" and "Glass Slipper Auctions". Collect from Denmark, Greenland and DWI - revenues, locals, railways, poster stamps, cinderellas, proofs and essays, posters and maps.
Pisila, Eric 1708 Finland
Preston, Dickson 4080 Greenland postal history, postmarks, rates, and corner blocks. Denmark mint.
Rehm, Stan 4058 Scandinavia pre 1940 including varieties and cancels
Riddell, Andrew 1914 Scandinavian cinderellas
Roberts, Eric 0
Robinson, Michael 2739 Iceland
Robinson,Keith, Robinson,Keith 4019 Faroes
Roing, Mats 3771 Sweden used
Root, John 3564
Rossell, Henrik 3743 Greenland (Mint), Denmark (Cancelled) and worldwide stamps showing the Danish flag.
Sabin, John 2573 Denmark, Faroes and DWI, with special interest in advertising panes, booklets, postal stationery and stamp-coins.
Salmi, John 3961 Finland, specifically Cinderellas, WWI Postal censorship, postal stationery pre-1900, Christmas Seals and Charity Stamp, Railway post marks.
Sass, Alan 1493 Iceland
Schlitt, W. J. (Joe) 3503 Faroes, Greenland
Schumacher, Michael 0
Schuman, Steve 2500 Postal stationery
Sequino, Frank 1158 Iceland
Siefering, Lyle 3530 Scandinavia unused singles
Smith, Jay 0 Dealer, specializing in Scandinavia
Smith, Michael T. 3732 Danish postal history, early Danish stamps and cancels.
Sorensen, Arnold 938 DWI, Stamps and Postal History
Spiess, Karen H. 2501 Scandinavia, mint & used
Sprenkle, Case 3502 Scandinavia mint & covers
Stanley, John 0
Steele, John 3161 Iceland
Stoner, Bob 4155 Denmark, Norway, Sweden, U.S., Canada, UK, Germany
Strauss, Gerald 1413 Dealer, Lizabeth Stamp Company, specializing in postal history and locals - Faroes, Greenland
Sunderlage, Sean 4523
Sundsbo, Ivar 3759 Norway, Special coll. Romsdal
Taugher, Michael 2337 Norway, Estonia, covers
Templer, Darryl 0
Thomlinson, J. 3032 Posthorns of Norway
Trondsen, Capt. Eigil 2038
Tulet, André 3930 Denmark stamps cancellations (star / Kopenhagen numerals), Danish covers, and mail between Denmark and France
Tuuri, Randy 0
Volin, Herbert 0 Used pre-1925 Swedish and Finnish cancels and varieties, including stationery, locals, revenues, RR, and others
Voss, Robert 1746 Scandinavia used, Greenland semipostal on cover
Wang, Kristian 3798 Norwegian stamps mint and used and postal history. Also other Scandinavian areas
Warfel, Dave 3494 Scandinavian joint issues
Warmboe, Viggo 3504 Scandinavia
Warren, Alan 1087 Prestamp Sweden, literature, FDCs before 1950
Whipple, Bryan 1354 Iceland
Wickberg, Michael "Ben" 3719 Sweden, Iceland, Denmark
Williams, Wilho 1055 Finland
Wilson, Rufus 3969 Iceland (including revenues, booklets, and folders), Greenland, Finland, Faroe Islands, and Aland
Winerman, Jerry 2353 Finland Postal Stationery
Winther, Bertil 1580
Wood, Joseph F. 2579
York, Gerard 4281
Youngblood, Wayne 0
Zirinsky, Steve 3631