Scandinavian Collectors Club


  • NORDIA 2021 cancelled

    Dear Friends! It has become obvious that it is impossible to organise Nordia 2021 stamp exhibition in Kuopio this summer because of the corona virus. Therefore, the organisation committee has decided that we have to cancel the exhibition. We are very sad to announce this. At the same time we have also good news. The organisation committee has started organising a national stamp exhibition with international participation, Savofila 2021. The detailed plans of this exhibition will be published as soon as possible. We thank you for your co-operation concerning Nordia 2021. We hope that you inform the philatelic press and the exhibitors in your own countries of this situation. Anyhow let`s meet as soon as possible in stamp exhibitions. With best regards, Risto Pitkänen Nordia 2021 – cancelled