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Before its auction sale of this outstanding collection of Iceland, Postiljonen had the foresight to preserve it in book form so that future students of these issues have a great resource. Árni Gústafsson offers a brief memorial tribute to the late collector, emphasizing Pálsson’s passion for obtaining the best quality material and authenticating and confirming all the details of each item in his collection.


            The period covered is from the pre-stamp period of the 19th century up to 1902. The book begins with half a dozen folded letters from 1836 to 1860, many of extreme rarity. The stamp issues begin with Danish adhesives in 1870-1872 bearing numeral cancels 236 and 237. The skilling issues of Iceland of 1873-1876 are shown in proofs, various papers, inverted watermarks, major varieties, and many with beautifully struck town cancellations, followed by some rare uses on cover. Multiples are also shown with sheet positions identified.


            The 1876-1902 aur issues are treated in similar fashion with stunning examples on covers and with town cancels. Many of the postmarked issues are grouped by type of cancel: Roman, Egyptian, Bridge, followed by Danish cancels, seapost uses, foreign cancellations, and crown and posthorn markings. The collection ends up with studies of the ÞRÍR surcharges and Í GILDI overprints including the main types and errors on these issues.


            The book is limited to an edition of only 150 copies. Serious collectors of classic Iceland are advised to order a copy of this extraordinary keepsake.


Alan Warren