Scandinavian Collectors Club


         This is the second volume by Sigurjónsson that continues with the numeral cancellations of Iceland from his 2013 book which covered cancels numbered 1 to 173. In fact the page numbering in this second volume begins with page 203, although the numbering defies the convention of odd-numbered pages on the right side. Also there is no introductory text that mentions that this book is a continuation of the first volume.

          The format is the same as the first volume. Each numeral cancel is listed with the name of the farm or town, the municipality, and the county, followed by the period of use and a rarity grade. Unfortunately the key to the type numbers and the rarity scale are not defined in this volume, making it imperative that the first volume is handy.

          For each numeral type there is an outline map of Iceland showing the location, a chart showing number of cancels reported by year groups from 1902 to 1957, a copy of a cover or a stamp with the postmark, and a recent photo of the site of the collecting station. A few lines of text on each page expand on the information and also indicate whether the cancel now resides in the postal museum.

            An appendix lists the collecting places in alphabetical order along with the municipality, the county, the numeral, and the page on which it is found in either volume 1 or 2 of this series. The books ends with a list of acknowledgements of those who furnished information or copies of stamps and covers. One non-conventional aspect is that the pages are black with white printed text. However, the information is easily read but a few of the darker photographs are not as distinct as they might be.

            For collectors of the numeral cancellations of Iceland these two books are a must-have, and bring earlier information up to date. A bibliography would help students of these cancels to review the prior work in this field.

Alan Warren