Scandinavian Collectors Club


 Deltiology or the collecting and study of picture post cards continues to make inroads into the philatelic arena. Many shows now accept post card exhibits, and articles and books are being written about exhibiting the cards.

            The Norwegian War and Field Post Society published this book that illustrates post cards related to Norway that have a military theme. The author begins with scenes of the Vikings and Nordic mythology. Next are some cards illustrating Peter Wessel Tordenskiold (1690-1720), the naval officer who achieved fame in the Great Northern War and in defeating the Swedish supply fleet.

            Another personality whose work is seen on post cards is painter and illustrator Andreas Bloch (1860-1917), who depicted ski patrols and other battle scenes. More 19th and early 20th century pictures on cards relate to secession, the constitution, war, and the new union. Next are scenes from Norway’s roles in World War I including training operations, military camps, semi-automatic guns, and the coastal artillery.

            Scenes of the various services are shown on more cards—airports and aircraft, and naval and marine installations between the wars. World War II begins with the April 1940 occupation and includes scenes of Narvik, occupation post cards with German text, Vidkun Quisling, efforts of Norwegians outside of Norway, naval and air battles, POWs, resistance, liberation, and finally the celebration parades and scenes of the royal family.

            Some post-war post card scenes show Norway’s peace-keeping efforts in Korea, Sinai, Congo, Kosovo and Afghanistan. There are also scenes of naval and air force activity following WW II. The book ends with brief sections devoted to humorous and Christmas post cards with military themes.

            The book is a survey of what one can compile in the way of a thematic post card collection. Technical details of the cards such as printing methods and publication data are not provided. The emphasis is rather on the challenges and enjoyment that post cards can bring to those who collect them.

Alan Warren