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Bibliography of Danish West Indies Philately, Paul Wijnants, 7 x 9-3/4 inches, hardbound, 88 pages, edition of 200 copies, B.P.R. L., Begijnendijk, Belgium, 2001. ISBN 90-76873-02-X, approx. $45.

This work contains some 728 entries, a few of which reference older bibliographies. Virtually all of the important books and papers on DWI philately published, between about 1900 and 2000, in English, Danish, German, and a few other languages are included. It will serve well as the primary bibliography for students and researchers of DWI stamps and postal history.

Each reference entry is in alphabetical order by author. Where the author is not known, the entries are curiously found under "E" as Editor followed by the initials of the journal. Authors' names lack diacritical marks. Each entry is assigned a unique number and also a four-digit index number so that the reference can be located through the author's indexing system.

The index is organized by subject with a major focus on the individual stamp issues. For example the 2200 series is devoted to the bicolor stamps with subordinate numbers relating to individual stamp values, printing, forgeries, proofs and essays, and other aspects. Then the author lists the index numbers in order followed by the reference numbers so that researchers can examine all of the references for a specific stamp issue or cancel type, etc.

The weakest aspect is that much material that is relevant to DWI postal history, but which does not contain specific or numerous references to the Danish West Indies, has not been included. Nor are there many entries referencing maritime or geo-political material concerning the Caribbean and other regions of interest to the postal historian of DWI mails. For example, the 1998 study: "The United States and Brazil Mail Steamship Companies 1866-1893", by J. DuBois, published in The Congress Book, 1998 is not referenced, presumably because it is primarily maritime history, although this company figures prominently in St. Thomas postal history.

There are some technical problems that detract from this book, and it is hoped that the author will seriously consider updating and reprinting his work, especially since this edition is limited to 200 copies. There are a number of typographical errors. Reference is made to slide programs located at the Scandinavian Collectors Club library in "Allenton USA." The SCC library was previously located in Allenton, Wisconsin but was transferred about two years ago to the Rocky Mountain Philatelic Library in Denver.

It would be nice to have a list of the journal titles with the name of the publisher and place of publication. This would help collectors to know which library to go to in order to obtain copies of original articles. Although the article titles give some idea of the content, it would be even more useful to have a brief abstract.

John DuBois and Alan Warren