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Stamps of Iceland 1872-1904 by Henry Regeling, in English, approximately 7 by 10 inches, hardbound, 208 pages, published by the author in the Netherlands, 2001, ISBN 90-9015179-6, approx. $90.

This book provides details on the first stamps of Iceland, the oval issues that appeared first in skilling values and later as aur issues. The author builds on the earlier works of other students of these stamps, which were all printed by the Thiele printing firm in Denmark.

The usual aspects for the student of these issues are covered such as proofs, paper, gum, watermarks, perforations, cancellations, etc. Sheet margins carry colored dots that were used to help align perforations. Flaws are often repeated four times in a sheet of 100 stamps, as the sheets consist of four blocks of 25 stamps.

The plate flaws are drawn by hand and serve as a guide for the fly spec enthusiast. For each stamp there is a list of the printing dates and deliveries. Thus dated cancels will help identify the printing. Physical characteristics for each printing are also provided to help in distinguishing them.

Introduction of bicolored stamps also introduced the possibility of inverted frames, as the clichés were different for the ovals and frames. In addition to the postage stamps, the official stamps and postal cards of the same design are also covered as well as the overprinted "prír" and Í GILDI stamps. A useful bibliography completes this handbook. Collectors are indebted to author Regeling for bringing all this information together in one reference source.

Alan Warren