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Die finnischen Dauermarken von 1963 und 1975 mit Löwen-, Wappen- und Bildmotiven (The Finnish Definitives of 1963 and 1975 with Lion, Arms, and Pictorial Designs), Dieter Wehling, 5¾ by 8¼ inches, 108 pages, perfect bound, in German, FG Nordische Staaten, Obernkirchen, Germany, 2002.

The Finnish Study Group of the Research Society of Nordic Countries in Germany compiled this handbook of various definitive series issued by Finland in 1963 and 1975. These are the lion type, arms type, and pictorial design issues.

Consisting primarily of data tables, this book lists the many varieties and types of these stamps. Although the German language is used, the tabular format and catalog references help guide the reader through the listings. Each value stamp can be identified by printing method (engraved, photogravure, offset); printing format (sheet, machine booklet); printing press (rotary press 2-color, rotary press 6-color); gum (gum Arabic, polyvinyl acetate); print order number; first day of issue; and quantity printed.

Each stamp is identified by Facit, Norma, Michel, and LaPe catalog numbers. Distinct color varieties are also listed as well as the recognized catalog varieties. Details are also provided for the slot machine booklets, identified by the Norma, Facit, and Michel numbers. A separate section identifies the types of paper, including the manufacturer, and compares the various catalog as well as the Finnish Handbook references. This section also addresses fluorescent paper and the yellow and white phosphorescent types.

The book concludes with a bibliography. This handbook will help collectors of these issues to sort them out and classify them. The print is a little small but quite legible, and the few illustrations help identify issues and varieties.

This monograph and others published by the FG Nordische Staaten come automatically to subscribers as a part of their membership. The book may be available separately. For details, contact the society’s director Roland Daebel, Stolzenhagener Weg 6, 16515 Wensickendorf, Germany (

Alan Warren