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Grænse-Forsendelser / Grenz-Sendungen: Denmark/Germany by Jørgen Kluge, 8 ¼ by 11 3/8 inches, soft covers, perfect bound, 104 pages, in Danish and German with English summary, Fløng Hedehusene Stamp Society, Denmark 2004. $35 postpaid from the author, Charlottegaardsveg 139, 2640 Hedehusene, Denmark.

This is the story of local mail in the border district between Denmark and Germany from 1865 to 1980 where special rates prevailed. An 1865 agreement between the two territories established special postal rates to specific area post offices. Several revised agreements were signed over the years, altering the conditions for this border mail.

In general, local rates applied to these border district mails between Denmark and Germany. The mails covered include letters and post cards, printed matter, product samples, commercial papers, and services such as registered, express, and insured mail. The book consists mostly of rate tables with periods of usage, weight steps, and post offices served. The data is useful to postal history collectors to explain rates between two towns at any time during the period covered.

The tables are arranged alphabetically by name of the town of origin in either Denmark or Germany. A few color illustrations of such mail are shown near the end of the book. Copies of some of the pertinent postal agreements covering these regulations are reproduced. The list of sources that concludes the book is not specific for journal articles but rather mentions the title with no record of date, author, or article.

Alan Warren