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AFA Specialkatalog 2002, ed. Lars Boes, 6 by 8-1/2 inches, hardbound, 800 pages, illustrated in color, in Danish, AFA Forlaget, Otterup, Denmark, 2001, approximately $70, ISBN 87-7012-306-3.

Every few years this specialized catalog of Denmark, Faroes, Greenland, DWI, and Schleswig makes its appearance. Previous editions appeared in 1971, 1982, 1988, and 1995. For the specialist in Denmark and the related Danish areas, this catalog is a must. Despite the fact that this latest edition has 80 pages more than the previous edition, Iceland is not included this year.

The same format is followed as in earlier versions with terms defined and then the stamps of Denmark up to and including the Queen Margrethe II issues of May 2001. Yearbooks, exhibition cards, Christmas seals, officials, postal ferry stamps, postage dues, newspaper stamps, booklets, first day covers, and similar back of the book items are listed for Denmark.

The listings for Schleswig, Faroes, Greenland, and the Danish West Indies are straightforward. Each edition includes some special sections. This year we are presented with some very nice features. First are the color plates of the classic stamps of Denmark through the bicolor issues, compiled by Lasse Nielsen. The various shades and printings are illustrated.

These are followed by Nielsen's short discussion on perforating machines and then the proofs and essays of these classic issues. A Danish/English vocabulary list at the end will help the English speaking reader. Listings of Denmark's stamp dealers and stamp clubs concludes this well printed and illustrated catalog. Highly recommended for the specialist in Denmark and related areas.

Alan Warren