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Norgeskatalogen 2006. 6 by 8 ½ inches, 458 pages, perfect bound, soft covers, Oslo Filatelistklubb, Oslo, Norway 2005. ISBN 82-7319-197-4. $59 plus shipping from Jay Smith & Associates, PO Box 650, Snow Camp NC 27349-0650.

            This 58th edition of the catalog of Norway’s postage stamps maintains the excellent quality established by its recent predecessors. Sections of the text are in both Norwegian and English and a glossary in Norwegian, English, and German helps in understanding the descriptions.

            Illustrations are in excellent color throughout. Explanatory text precedes many sections such as those on franking labels, booklets, official stamps, vending machine issues, the legendary Posthorn stamps, and marginal markings. Rate tables add considerably to the utility of this catalog.

            As usual, there are two special articles, found only in this year’s edition, and in Norwegian only. One details varieties of Norwegian stamps, and the other focuses on the manuscript town and other markings found on 19th century stamps and covers. This is the tool for students of Norway philately.

Alan Warren