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Publikasjoner utgitt av Krigs- og Feltpostforeningen 1987-2012 (Publications of the Norwegian War and Field Post Society). DVD with journal issues, an index, and collected articles. Published by the War and Field Post Society, Oslo, 2012. Available from War and Philabooks, Gydas v. 52, 1413 Tårnåsen, Norway for $30 postpaid (cash or via PayPal to


            The Norwegian War and Field Post Society released this important tool for those interested in military postal history related to Norway. Two journals are completely presented in read-only Word® files. These are Krigs-Posten from 1996 to 2002, and Tidsskrift for Krigs- og Feltpost from 2003-2012 (Norwegian War and Field Post Journal). The journals are reproduced as the originals in appearance.

            The index is an Excel® file but it is not arranged, as one might expect, as alphabetized author and subject files. Rather the index is a listing of the articles in the sequence in which they appeared with article title, author’s name, issue number and date, page number, language, and a very brief description of the subject. Most of the articles are in Norwegian but some are in English and a few in Swedish. If someone is looking for a particular subject or term, a search can be done on the index itself to find a pertinent article, as long as the term appears in the article title or its brief description.

            In addition to the journals and the index there are four files of articles in PDF® format. The first collection is on Norwegian and Swedish United Nations field post operations. The second grouping pertains to Norwegian field post operations between Germany and Oslo from 1947 to 1953. The third collection focuses on the special Norwegian Military mail center in Stockholm 1944-1945.The fourth group of articles deals with postal conditions in, to, and from Finnmark and North Troms in connection with evacuation and reconstruction.

            These journal runs, index, and additional articles by topic will be useful to anyone interested in military postal history with a Norwegian connection.


Alan Warren