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Vandmæke Krone I danske helsagskuverter


The crown watermark in Danish postal stationery envelopes by Willy Lauth,  3rd edition,

23 pages, 6 by  ¼ inches, in Danish.  Available from Forlaget Skilling/DAKA, Rebslagervej 8-16, 2400 Copenhagen NV, Denmark.  Price 50.00 Dkr.


The third edition of this specialty study of the watermarks found on the Danish postal stationery envelopes issued 1865 to 1936 has a few more illustrations than the first edition.  The introduction states that more than 3000 postal envelopes were studied.  Five different main-type watermarks were used are illustrated first. The illustrations are based upon a view from the back of the envelopes.  Thereafter the many varieties and flaws are profusely illustrated in six pages having a total of 61 individual pictures.  The illustrations are very concise and self explanatory for readers not fluent in Danish.  The type 1 watermark has 36 illustrations while type 5 only has one.  The dimensions are given in millimeters, and the abbreviation” H”. stands for “height” while “Br.” Is “width”.  There are a few other Danish words that warrant a translation.  The Cross on top is “kors” while the ball is “æble” (Literally apple). 

There are only two photo illustration, and otherwise the book has three illustrations  (Drawings) of the machines used in adding the watermarks.

The book makes no reference to the Danish West Indies stationery, but the first four main type watermarks are present on those issues but the only reported variety is the double watermark.

Collectors specializing in Danish postal stationery should find this to be an easy reference.  

Arnold Sorensen